Awards double for Hayley's gull

The Whitby seagull photo taken by Hayley Cooper for a national photography competition has won third place with a cash prize.

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 3:00 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd June 2016, 4:58 pm
Hayley Cooper's seagull photo, taken in Whitby

People were asked to send in a photo of a special place outdoors which felt like home.

Hayley’s Whitby seagull came third in Vivo Property Buyers’ Home is Where the Heart is competition, which also saw Claire Woolf of Danby and Saltburn’s Steve Nightingale among the finalists.

Hayley also topped another competition, after making the final in National Accident Helpline’s #MyHappyPlace competition.

A delighted Hayley, who took the snap while on holiday in Whitby, said: “My parents had a holiday home near Whitby and every year since the children were little we would take a holiday there.

“Unfortunately they had to sell it last year due to my dad becoming ill.

“We have lots of happy memories.

“I love Whitby and have many photos from all over the town, this one was actually a bit of a fluke as we had just come from a walk other pier and it was really sunny.

“I saw the seagull on the bin and just held my camera out to take the picture and happened to be a great shot.

“The birds are so tame you can get really close.”

The issue of seagulls divebombing people and causing chaos at the resort has been widely discussed recently on the Whitby Gazette’s Facebook page. While some believe action should be taken to keep the birds at bay, Hayley believes that if you don’t like seagulls, stay away from the coast!

“I happen to really like the seagulls as they are part of the seaside,” she said.

“The thought of culling them to me is outrageous, just guard your chips and ice cream and you should be okay.”