Auschwitz: important for us to learn from history, say students

Caedmon College Whitby youngsters visit Auschwitz.
Caedmon College Whitby youngsters visit Auschwitz.

Just two months ago, a handful of students from our college’s sixth form were given the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, a momentous place in history, alongside pupils from other schools.

Students Josh Crabtree and Jolyon Cox said: “It was surprising because it was so normal, just in the suburbs of a classic Polish town. You couldn’t see from one side to the other.”

When questioned on what experience was most memorable, Jolyon responded: ‘For me, they had a big room just full of human hair; the hair that they had shaved off.” Josh agreed: “The same was for me, but there was a huge room of shoes.”

The students visited Auschwitz not just as a historical trip that would widen their own knowledge, but also with the intention of then returning and spreading awareness by teaching their peers about what happened there.

“This experience taught me to not ignore any form of racism or bullying because it can escalate; if something happens once, why can’t

it happen again? The Islamophobia that is sweeping across the country is worrying.

“We can’t rule out anything,” says Jolyon, with Josh adding, ‘It is really important for us four to teach the younger generation about this as we need to learn from History and not ignore it.”

Rosa Byatt-Goodall