Artist Andrew shares 25 Views of the Sea at Whitby guest house

The Sea by Andrew Bylo.
The Sea by Andrew Bylo.

There is still time to see the talents of local artist Andrew Bylo, who is sharing his latest collection of art work, 25 Views of the Sea, at Dillons of Whitby guest house until this coming Sunday.

Yorkshireman Andrew, who has lived in Whitby for five years, has decided to make the sea the sole focus of this exhibition, steering clear of Whitby’s many other famous landmarks.

Andrew Bylo at work.

Andrew Bylo at work.

“I love that simple looking out at sea and how far you can see towards the horizon, and what’s beyond it,” he said.

“When you live locally, you look at the sea a lot, you can’t help it, you look at that wide expanse.

“It changes every minute – as the clouds come over it becomes heavily dark and in a flash it does something else.

“It’s a subject I just really love. I love the sea.

“I love the idea of a number of pictures all of the same size and largely the same composition and what happens at different times of the day.”

Andrew, a professional illustrator, whittled the number of his pencil crayon creations down to a simple 25 to showcase quality; he wanted no passengers for his hometown exhibition.

He concentrated on a short area from under Whitby Pavilion, along to where the promenade ends.

“I identified all the flat rocks to sit on. I lost loads of crayons between the rocks,” he said.

Andrew said seascapes by ‘matchstick man’ artist LS Lowry were very much in mind when creating work for this exhibition.

“People think of him with his little people and factories but towards the end of his life, he did a lot of pictures looking out to sea and they are fantastic,” he said.

The exhibition at the Dillons, which overlooks Pannett Park on Chubb Hill Road, continues until this Sunday. It has gone well for Andrew to date, with nine works of art sold.

Andrew said displaying his work at a Whitby guest house had worked well.

“Locations that exhibit your work, that are not galleries, make a lot of sense. People have time to look without feeling intimidated – a breakfast room in a B&B is ideal!”

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