Appeal for West Cliff shelters old photographs

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Plans are being put in place for the re-building of the West Cliff’s two Edwardian shelters which were blown clean out of the ground as Whitby got battered by storms a fortnight ago.

All that remained intact were the seats and ironworks as the timber shelter, much of which was found to be rotten, was left strewn across the road in several pieces.

Many bits were salvaged and have been taken to a joinery depot at Dean Road in Scarborough for safe-keeping.

The borough council is working with architects to replace the structures, which are listed, as near as possible to the original specification.

The Whitby Civic Society and the council are asking for anyone who has pictures, photographs or drawings of the original design to get in touch.

Labour Cllr Rob Barnett, who represents the Streonshalh ward on the borough council, gave an update on the situation at the monthly meeting of Whitby Town Council on Tuesday night.

He said: “They are listed and are English Heritage sites as well.

“The borough people have been taking as many bits as they can salvage.

“They are arranging through the architechts and from drawings and photographs from when they were first erected , to get hold of contractors that have the expertise to put them back as they were.

“There is a cost implication but that is going to have to be met. Because they are listed they will have to be put in place as near as dammit as they were before.

“The guy I was talking to was really productive and enthusiastic about getting them done so that was quite encouraging.”

The shelters have taken pride of place on the West Cliff for hundreds of years and have been badly damaged by storms once before.