Appeal for treasured lost photographs

A HEARTBROKEN woman is offering a reward for the return of her lost purse which contains cherished and irreplaceable family photographs.

Gillian Mainwaring took a taxi on Sunday 13 March from New Quay Road where she had had a drink with friends to her home on Auckland Way, paid for the taxi and then thought she had shoved her patent, black purse back in her bag but has lost it.

It contained about £60, bank cards, her bus pass and Co-op card but she says she doesn’t care about those things she just wants the pictures back.

They are a mixture of coloured and black and white snaps of Gillian’s mum and dad and her and her sister on a family holiday.

Mrs Mainwaring said: “I am not bothered about the money. I would just like my purse and photographs for sentimental reasons.

“I have walked all around looking for it and tried looking in dustbins. Whoever has got it I hope they have discarded it where it can be found - that is all I want.”