Another successful Aislaby Show

Housess have stunning views in Aisalby. Picture Kathryn Bulmer
Housess have stunning views in Aisalby. Picture Kathryn Bulmer

The Aislaby branch of the YCA held another successful show with a wonderful display in all areas.

Attendance was particularly good with lots more entries than in recent years, making it a very enjoyable event

The branch thanks all who helped and participated on the day and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

The first prize winners in each class were as follows:

HANDICRAFT: Eileen Perrett, Mary Hill, Irene Williams, Sheila Warren, Liz Goodall, Christine Myers, Pamela Penn.

ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Diana Bowes, Ian Wilkin, Gill Swales, Joan Dowson.

FLORAL: Susan Boyes, Mary Gullon, Violet Thompson, Pam Sleightholme, Lindy Bailey.

PRODUCE: Lindy bailey, Marion Worley, Brenda Proctor, Jean Walby, Violet Thompson, Diana Bowes, Margaret Thompson, Susan Hodgson.

VEGETABLES: Eric Story, Harvey Walby, Ted Gibson, Violet Thompson, Liz Goodall, George Henderson.

CHILDRENS: age 7 and under - Animal made from Vegetables - Lily Sedman; A Drawing of a Princess - Charlie Sedman. Age 8 to 14 - A Miniature Garden - 1st Keiran Spenceley, 2nd Rhea Walker.

The trophy winners were:

Handicraft - Mary Hill; Produce - Violet Thompson; Floral - Violet Thompson; Vegetables - Harvey Walby; Childrens shared between Lily and Charlie Sedman.