Annual fish survey gets underway

Seafish survey staff are expected in Whitby in the near future as the authority begins its annual survey into the state of the UK fishing fleet.

Skippers and vessel owners are being urged to take part and Hazel Curtis, chief economist at Seafish, said: “It provides a detailed overview of the financial performance of different sectors of the UK fleet and collects financial accounts for fishing vessels across the UK fleet so that average performance in each fleet segment can be estimated.

“All survey information, including accounts, is treated as confidential and no individual vessel figures will be revealed.

“Vessel owners and skippers participating in the survey will benefit from a bespoke benchmark report comparing the financial performance of their vessel to the best-in-class.”

This benchmarking can compare operational processes, financial performance and other measures of efficiency of their vessel’s activities.

Skippers can compare their results against other vessels in the same fleet segment or against their own vessel’s previous performance.

Although a set date has not yet been announced for the survey team to visit Whitby, any skipper who would like to take part in the survey should contact Andy Gray of Seafish on 0131 5248642 or