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Colin Stonehouse''w122222c

I recently spent part of my day watching the Runswick Bay Kayak Fishing Festival – and wondered why I had never heard or seen anything about it before. Writes Colin Stonehouse for thew Whitby Gazette.

It looked great, sounded fun and attracted a good crowd.

A couple of years ago I heard one delightful mother bark ‘What we need in Whitby is a Maccy Ds so the bairns have something to do, there’s nothing here for the bairns,’ which is completely untrue; there is plenty.

June saw a sandcastle building competition organised on the beach (I read about that one on Facebook and in the Gazette), there was a Totally Locally picnic in the park, a charity sea fishing trip, a labyrinth at the abbey, all fun and none expensive, but these events need more support – search them out, share them on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and make use of them, put down the cheesestraws, go outside and join in your town events – and try to get to them before someone decides to put a couple of planks of raw, rough wood in the way.