Aldi store hopes on town’s shopping list

Sheffield stock picture. ALDI, Handsworth Road, Sheffield.
Sheffield stock picture. ALDI, Handsworth Road, Sheffield.

Could Whitby be about to get a new supermarket?

A Facebook campaign, Aldi for Whitby, was started on Monday and has already got over 250 likes on the social media site.

It asks the international supermarket brand, which originated in a small mining town in Germany in 1914, to expand its portfolio to Whitby, and 
Aldi’s property department has listed Whitby as a potential location for a new store and is actively looking for potential plots of land.

Whitby campaigners say the store should be built on the east side of the town and preferably on the industrial estate which is currently being re-vamped with new access roads. Only last week it saw the opening of a new Marstons chain pub and hotel, The Penny Hedge.

Argos is expected to open a concession within Homebase later this year too.

It would give the people on that side of town more choice, especially in light of the extra houses that are set to be built off Helredale Gardens, St Peter’s Road and Larpool and stop people from shopping in other areas.

Campaigners say: “The people of Whitby deserve more choice, particularly the residents of east Whitby who have had little retail choice, and in view of the fact that the population of that part of town is growing due to housing development.

“In spite of the Sainsburys store and one discount retailer ( Lidl ), many local people are still shopping out of town, often at Aldi in Scarborough, Redcar and at the new store in Guisborough, a new store would further slow the migration of shoppers to neighbouring areas.”

Whitby already has three other supermarkets - the Co-op on Langborne Road in the town centre, Lidl on Stakesby Road on the west side and Sainsbury’s on Stainsacre Lane.

For many years the Co-op was the main store in town having opened over 25 years ago. Lidl opened around seven years ago and Sainsbury’s opened in 2012.

But Aldi for Whitby feel there is scope for another store without compromising the others.

They added: “When Sainsburys was given the go ahead to build a new store, the Co-op was also given the go ahead to expand their store, which has never happened, and therefore we feel there must be capacity for further class A1 retail space without jeopardizing existing stores. And the only discount food retailer in Whitby appears to struggle at times due to the sheer popularity and numbers of people using the store.”