Alderman award for Whitby councillor

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A Whitby councillor has been bestowed the rare honour of becoming an honorary alderman of the county.

Coun Jane Kenyon was given the title in recognition of her services as a North Yorkshire county councillor between joining in 1989 and her stepping down in May of this year.

She received her award at a special meeting of the county council last week from chairman, Coun Bernard Bateman.

Ms Kenyon, who still serves on Scarborough Borough Council and has done since 1987, was told a few weeks previously she had been put forward for the accolade but was still delighted to receive official confirmation.

She told the Gazette the award was as much for the town of Whitby as it was for her.

It comes after 24 years of service which saw Ms Kenyon serve on the old county council police committee - later to become the Police Authority before its abolition in November.

Her voluntary work has also been recognised, in particular her school governor roles with Stakesby where she is still chair and at Whitby Community College as well as previous roles with East Barnby and Oakridge Schools.

She is also involved with Whitby Regatta and maintains a keen interest in the future of Whitby Hospital.

Ms Kenyon said despite not being able to please everyone all of the time it has been a privilege to serve Whitby on the county council over the years.

She added: “I was told that I had done the years and the work I had done in Whitby was enough and my name was being considered and I got a letter two weeks before the meeting.

“I represent Whitby and it has always been such a privilege so this is as much for Whitby as it is for me. I don’t think there is any greater honour than to be able to serve your community and hopefully make a difference for the better.

“You don’t please everybody all of the time but as long as you act in the interests of the majority and seek to serve the greater good then you will have served the unique office that you hold.”