Airy Hill School pupils have the recipe for successful history project

In another busy month at Airy Hill School, reception youngsters have been learning about birthdays and how we celebrate with our families.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 4:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 4:28 pm
A trip to Botham's on Baxtergate for Airy Hill pupils.

We were invited to Botham’s who showed us how to decorate and ice a cake and then we had a go ourselves.

We were so lucky that Bothams let us take the birthday cake back to school. We shared the cake when we celebrated Kipper’s birthday with a party at school.

Year six pupils at Airy Hill dress up for World Book Day in wartime costume.

Nursery enjoyed reading lots of Julia Donaldson books for World Book Day. We collaged our own Gruffalo. His eyes were orange, his tongue was black and he had purple prickles all over his back!

Year 2 had a Space Theme day. The children created our own papier mache solar system using PVA glue and water – very messy business!

We also dried up some food in a dehydrator machine like the astronauts do to their food before they go up into space.

Everyone’s outfits looked great and the efforts were appreciated as always.

During our local history week we kicked things off with a bit of baking. We looked at the history of the Botham’s family and discussed how they will use recipes to make their goods.

We looked at and wrote some instructions for the biscuits we made in class. We attended a trip to Botham’s on Skinner Street with year one and bought a delicious treat.

On the final day, year 2 performed a play to the parents to take everyone through the history of the Botham’s family.

Year 3 went on a trip to Bothams Enterprise Way Shop to learn all about how the famous Botham’s cakes and biscuits are made.

We looked at the ingredients used in ginger biscuits, also asking questions about how the technology has used from when they first started Bothams in 1865 compared to today.

For local history week project, Year 4 compared maps of Whitby from the mid-1700s to the present day. Focusing on 1840 and 2019, we identified many changes in the town, as well as similarities.

We learnt a number of graphics design skills and used them to produce attractive posters about our findings.

After learning about the history of Bothams, we used a number of old photographs to help us build our huge model of the Union Mill, which produced flour for the poor of Whitby, throughout the 1800s.

Such an ambitious model required us to work in teams to build the different parts.

We learnt lots of practical skills, solved a number of construction problems and had lots of fun.

Year 4 had a great afternoon at the Inter-school Hockey Festival. Along with around 300 other children, they learned lots of skills and tackled all of the activities with enthusiasm and a sporting attitude.

Many thanks to Mr Hopper, other Caedmon College staff and the sports leaders and to Miss Frankland for organising all of our equipment.

Year 5 went back in time to the days of Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre.

The morning was spent concocting spells and in the afternoon we wrote our own dream stories with quills and ink on old parchment paper.

It’s been a very busy World Book Day! Year 5 had plenty of reason to celebrate after winning 1st place in the poetry competition in the Eskdale Festival.

Year 6 pulled out all of the stops for World Book Day and dressed as characters from their WW2 class text. To link with their theme, the children made rationed carrot cookies.

In local history week, the children also learnt about Botham’s and the family’s ancestry.

We learnt a lot about our local business and even got to try some lemon buns.

Airy Hill thank everyone at Botham’s for their support.