Airy Hill School news: Pupils ‘over the moon’ with space project

Pupils decorate and name their own Harry Potter wands.
Pupils decorate and name their own Harry Potter wands.

The man on the moon, Harry Potter and bird ringing have been keeping youngsters at Whitby’s Airy Hill School occupied over the first half of the spring term.

Here is the latest monthly round-up of their activities.

The environment team did a great job of clearing rubbish from the top field.

The environment team did a great job of clearing rubbish from the top field.


Our new Nursery children have settled in extremely well and have enjoyed their time at school since January. We still have some places available so please pop in or phone the school if you are interested.

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about Africa and celebrated their topic with an Africa day.

Gymnasts did the school proud.

Gymnasts did the school proud.

Each child came dressed in bright colours and brought in a tropical fruit to try. The children have made fruit skewers, completed African sunset art work and written their own version of the story Handa’s Surprise.

Year 2

Year 2 have been very busy learning all about space and Neil Armstrong, the man on the moon. They have written their own adventure story where their astronaut characters face an almighty problem. Luckily, most of the astronauts returned to planet earth safely.

The children have also been studying the artwork of Peter Thorpe and creating their own pictures based upon his work. They have designed their own alien and described what it looks like, where it lives and what it eats.

They have even composed and recorded their own space rocket launch soundtrack to share with their friends in the next coming weeks.

Year 3

Year 3 have been celebrating Harry Potter Week by decorating and naming their own magical wands.

They also wrote secret messages with invisible ink, only to be revealed when they got home. Children in Year 3 have been spreading the love, this week, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, creating some lovely, heartfelt cards for their loved ones.

Year 4

We have really enjoyed our Harry Potter week activities. Some of the children brought in wands and cast spells on their class mates! They were all ‘hard working spells’ and Mrs B is delighted to report that they were very effective.

Year 5

Year 5 have had a very literary spring term, beginning with their reading of a number of plays by William Shakespeare, linked to their history topic – the Tudors.

After choosing a favourite play, each child wrote a shortened version of the story, suitable for younger children.

The class highly impressed by the variety, excitement, romance, intrigue, battles and general skulduggery in the various comedies, histories and tragedies.

Recently, they researched the problems associated with single-use plastics and have written some persuasive letters on the subject.

In geography, the children have been learning about the Amazing Americas and have been inspired by the wonderfully-varied landscapes found there.

Building upon the drawing skills, which they learnt in the Autumn term, they have been drawing 2D plans and 3D isometric drawings of ‘Falling Water’; a famous house designed by the American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Chess Club

Airy Hill have just started their new and exciting chess club where children challenging their friends each week.

We can’t wait to see how our budding grand masters progress.

Bird Ringing

Mr Armstrong, who is a licensed bird ringer and Mr Norman, the leader of the South Cleveland Ringing Group, demonstrated how bird ringing is done and how the information collected is used to help us learn about and protect birds.

The children, from across all year groups, got to see the birds up-close and be safely released back to the wild. Only a few weeks ago, one bird had previously had its ring fitted elsewhere in Whitby by Mr Armstrong. This was a handy coincidence, as the children were able to see how birds’ movements can be tracked.


Two teams, made up of Y3/4 and Y5/6 competed in the Key Steps competitions held in January. All the girls performed incredibly well and did the school proud. The Y5/6 team came home with 3rd place and the Y3/4 girls celebrated with a fantastic 1st place.

Environment Team

The Environment Team did a fantastic job of clearing our top field of all the rubbish that had been carelessly thrown over the fence. They filled three large bin bags as well as clearing away an old table and a traffic cone!

Masquerade Disco

Airy Hill held their first Masquerade disco complete with decorated masks, gorgeous gowns and very smart outfits. All of the children looked fantastic and enjoyed a night of dancing and partying. There were prizes for the best decorated masks, flashing hair pieces and even finger lasers.