Action to repair corroding harbour at Endeavour Wharf

Endeavour Wharf is set to undergo repairs.
Endeavour Wharf is set to undergo repairs.

One of the most historic shipbuilding areas of Whitby harbour is set to undergo major repairs to steel piling to protect the integrity of the structure.

It was revealed at a meeting of the borough council Cabinet that remedial work is due to take place to 180 of the 375 metres that make up Endeavour Wharf, at a cost of £420,000.

A shot from 1965.

A shot from 1965.

Around 75% of the funding for the much-needed repairs will come from the European Fisheries Funding, leaving the remaining balance to come from the council’s harbour reserves.

The site represents an important area for the town, with Dalby Offshore set to lease over a third of the site as part of their North Sea windfarm development.

Council director, Nick Edwards told the cabinet: “I am pleased to announce that we have been successful in achieving that European Fisheries Funding agreement and they have offered us £312,349 to be able to take forward these schemes, so that’s brilliant news.

“We want to get on with it straight after the summer season and get it in place for early next year.”

The condition of steel piling at Endeavour Wharf. Picture: Ceri Oakes.

The condition of steel piling at Endeavour Wharf. Picture: Ceri Oakes.

Whitby Cllr Sandra Turner added: “I can’t let this one go without saying thank you to the officers for all the hard work they have put in on this.

“We all know it is long overdue and it is a really good welcome story. It’s one that picks you up after all the accusations that we do not work extremely hard. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes within this authority from members and officers alike. Whitby welcomes it very, very much.”

The large section in need of repairs was constructed in the 1950s and is is now suffering from significant corrosion.

The corroded piling represents two major problems. Firstly, holes within the piles are a snagging hazard to vessels, equipment and personnel, presenting an ever increasing health and
safety concern.

The same holes allow the free flowing influx of water into the wharf, resulting in ‘wash out’ of the structure behind the piles and creating sub surface erosion which is
undermining the integrity of the entire structure.

The Endeavour replica moored up next to the wharf when it visited town twice in 1997 and 2002.

Whitby has a long history of shipbuilding, potentially stretching back as far as the middle ages. Whitby Cllr Joe Plant added that the news was very welcome for Whitby.
Cabinet members received the report.