Abbey car park escapes probe

THE ABBEY car park is not set to feature in the investigations into the aftermath of the landslip at Aelfleda terrace.

Residents who have lived in the area for years believe part of the problem may lie with the Abbey Headland car park which was constructed on the site of run off ponds.

The car park surface is now sending excess water in a different direction – the direction of Aelfleda Terrace.

But, at the moment, Yorkshire Water is saying the car park does not form any part of its investigation into the circumstances which have led to homes being demolished because a landslip has condemned them as unsafe.

Andy Clark from Yorkshire Water said it was assisting Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) with an investigation into the incident but added the investigation was looking solely at Aelfleda – not the surrounding area.

He said: “I am not aware of the issue with the car park.

“But the question of drainage generally and will that have affected any subsidence – it is the subject of legal proceedings so I am very much restricted to what I can say.

“But we are working with SBC to investigate and will be establishing the cause of the landslip.

“If the car park is involved that will come out. We are directly investigating Aelfleda Terrace, but it doesn’t go any further than that particular landslip.”

But former councillor, Tom Brown says he has seen evidence of movement in the area since that car park was constructed to coincide with the Endeavour coming to Whitby.

He said: “SBC put a car park on the wettest land in Whitby and chose to concrete over it.

“I had a medieval garden wall that stood for 900 years in a straight line for 40 feet below the Abbey plain.

“Within months it started to creep forward. I said this 13 years ago and I have watched it and watched it.”