A centre for the community

A WHITBY community centre is calling on all residents to take an active role in how it is to be run.

Eastside Community Centre, formally Helredale playcentre, is holding a public meeting to discuss the future of the centre and the possibility of forming a residents’ committee.

Volunteer Lisa O’Brien said: “What we are trying to do is get as many volunteers and people involved.

“It’s a community centre for the whole of the town and we want everyone to know that they can use the centre if they need it.

“We are looking for people from different areas of the town, even if it’s people who come her on holiday a few times each year, to become a residents’ committee so we can raise funds for whatever we are doing.”

Mrs O’Brien added that youngsters who are looking to get involved should also come along and make themselves heard.

She said: “Anybody can come forward, even youngsters.

“We could have a young members’ committee then they can get involved and tell us what they want to do.”

Anyone interested in volunteering, forming a committee or simply taking part should attend the meeting which takes place at Eastside Community Centre at 6pm on Thursday 14 April.