A call to all Whitby area dog owners to have their say

Dog beach ban
Dog beach ban

With reference to the letter from Frank and Linda Lupton (Gazette, August 24) 85% of the public did not agree with the council’s original plans with regard to the dog ban zones, 85% of a tiny response agreed, with the vast majority not being aware of the consultation process or its implications.

A fact borne out by the huge outcry over the changes, which will surely be reversed if the council truly listens to its constituents.

The Luptons also state that dog owners have no need to walk past the beach huts as they are able to come down the steep path from the cliff top instead.

They seem to be confusing renting a wooden hut with owning the right of access to the promenade.

Incidentally, many beach huts are used by dog owners with there much loved and well behaved pets, walk past on any sunny day to witness this.

Non-dog owners already have the vast area of beach between the old exclusion zone and the pier, without trying to push people who want to enjoy this beautiful public space with their dogs further away from the town.

In addition, dog owners with disabilities or limited mobility are being further inconvenienced by dangerous steps or further to travel to access the beach as well as further away from toilet and refreshment facilities.

Some days the sun doesn’t shine and the wind and rain returns, the beach huts lie empty and forlorn and the sand deserted, bar the hardy dog owners, enjoying this fantastic location.

Dog owners go online now and be part of the consultation.

Paul and Vera Spink

Havelock Place