A bridge too far for job hunter Stuart

Stuart Lillie who hopes to get full time work at Sainsbury's'w121905
Stuart Lillie who hopes to get full time work at Sainsbury's'w121905
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A job hunter from Castleton has been told he can’t apply for a position at the new Sainsbury’s because he isn’t local enough.

Stuart Lillie lives in the Esk Valley, 14 miles away from Whitby, yet has been told his application can’t be progressed because the supermarket firm only taken on people who live within a ten mile radius of the store - which is currently being built off Stainsacre Lane.

He only learned this after registering his details with Whitby Job Centre and taking half a day off work to meet bosses from Sainsbury’s at recruitment fairs last week.

He has now blasted the scheme saying it is unfair he can’t apply because of where he lives and maintains that at no point during correspondence with the job centre was he told of the ruling.

Mr Lillie, a butcher by trade but working three days a week at his brother’s cafe to make ends meet, said: “I saw the ad in the Gazette, rang the job centre and they told me to come in at ten to four last Thursday.

“I saw a gentleman from Sainsbury’s who went through wages, share issues, asked me what I was interested in, took my phone number, told me to go on-line because all the applications are done on-line and get it in because there are not many full-time positions.”

As soon as Stuart returned home he logged on but wasn’t allowed to complete the process and after speaking to the Sainsbury’s HR department learned it was because of where he lived.

He added: “I explained that I am local, I went to Eskdale School, Whitby is my local job centre.

“The job centre can’t have been doing their job because they took my name and address and post code. I don’t know whether they passed that on or not.

“The job centre should have told me and Sainsbury’s should have told me but there are lots of people that work in Whitby from up here.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told the Gazette there had been an administrative error.

They added: “We try to ensure that our stores reflect the communities that they serve so whenever possible we try to give jobs to people who live locally.

“Our stores do have some guidelines to help them recruit within a certain radius of where they are located but these are very flexible and vary from store to store depending on the role concerned, the needs of the store and the geography of the local area.”