A berry good show in Egton Bridge

Egton Gooseberry Show''w123212c
Egton Gooseberry Show''w123212c

BRYAN’S the gooseberry master once again as he took the honours at this year’s Egton Bridge show earlier this week.

Record-breaker Mr Nellist, of Egton, once again dominated proceedings at the St Hedda’s School event on Tuesday.

Mr Nellist, who is no stranger to success when it comes to growing gooseberries having broken a Guinness World Record two years ago, scooped first place in three categories and also claimed the title of champion grower.

The show traditionally attracts interest from around the the country and amongst this year’s entrants were growers from Humberside, Cleveland, Lincolnshire and as far away as Cheshire.

However, none proved a match for Mr Nellist who grew a 62-dram monster gooseberry for the 2010 Egton Bridge Show to seal a place in the world record books.

Mr Nellist told the Whitby Gazette: “I am very pleased with my success.

“Waterlogged ground and cold temperatures have made it very difficult to grow big gooseberries this year so it has been hard work but it has all been worthwhile in the end.

“When you have entrants from all parts of the country taking part you can never be sure of how your berries will compare to theirs.

“However, it seems that the average weights of the berries elsewhere were down this year as well.

“There is no real secret to my success but I have been doing this for a long time now and you do tend to get a feel for what you need to do.

“Luck plays a part as well but you just have to do the best you can and hope that with enough attention to detail your berries survive.”

The unseasonal wet weather that dominated the early part of this summer has played a big part in ensuring that the 2012 yield of gooseberries is significantly smaller than it has been in previous years.

Eric Preston, chairman of the Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Society, said: “It has been a very funny year in terms of the weather and as a result we have seen less entrants and smaller berries at the weigh-in.

“We certainly weren’t expecting any record breakers this time around and that has proved to be the case.

“Gooseberries like it moist but not too moist.

“We got off to an early start with some good weather but then the amount of rain and cold weather we have had has meant that growth has been erratic and we have ended up with a mediocre crop really.”


Heaviest berry in show - yellow: 1. B Nellist 25 drams 21 grains; 2. TR Willis 23d 03g; 3. Mrs H Hart 18d 19g.

Red: 1. J Hart 22d 03 g; 2. G Bielby 22d 00g; 3. J Charlesworth 18d 22g.

Green: 1. H Fishpool 12d 17g; 2. H Hebdon 18d 20g; 3. A Burton 16d 11g.

White: 1. G Watson 18d 02g; 2. HH Kaye 17d 07g; 3. WS Lethem 16d 17g.

Hyatt Rosebowl, maiden class: 1. TR Willis 23d 03g; 2. H Fishpool 21d 17g; 3. J Charlesworth 18d 22g.

Best beaten berry: RB Potter

Ventress Plate, heaviest twins: 1. B Nellist 43d 26g; G Bielby 33d 00g; 3. E Preston 27d 20g.

Miss May Cup, maiden twins: 1. TR Willis 27d 04g; 2. C Plummer 21d 03g; 3. H Fishpool 19d 08g.

Raw Trophy, heaviest twelve: 1. B Nellist 18oz 01dram 08grains ; 2. TR Willis 13oz 07d 16g; 3. G Bielby 13oz 07d 10g.

Welford Cup, heaviest six: 1. H Fishpool 07oz 00d 25g; 2. J Hart 07oz 00d 06g;

J Charlesworth 06oz 09d 14g.

Spenceley Trophy, maiden six: H Fishpool.

RD Swales Memorial Cup, four colours: PW Bennison 03oz 06d 10g.

Graham Challenge Cup, champion grower: B Nellist 58 points (out of 60).