92-year-old Castleton woman on Queen's birthday honours list

The village of Castleton.
The village of Castleton.

A 92-year-old woman from Castleton, near Whitby, has been awarded a BEM for her selfless voluntary commitment to provide functions for the elderly in the village.

Bessie Underwood has been a committee member of the over 60s club since 1970 where she has devoted a considerable amount of her time on a voluntary basis to fundraise.

On a weekly basis she runs a raffle at the local village hall to raise funds and for the past 46 years has cooked meals for neighbours as part of her daily routine.

She has been an example to others, working hands on delivering tickets and birthday cards, organising rotas and taking on any job that needs doing.

Bessie also ensures that all the over 60s in the village are offered support, while circulating and managing the some subscriptions for a local magazine, Westerdale Way.

She is also a major contributor to local knowledge and history of the local area and has been involved in recalling her memories which were used in a local book, Nine Cups of Coffee and Two Scones.

She was also a participant, remembering, for a local film produced in 2015 titled Living Memories which documented what life was like for residents in the rural region of the North York Moors pre 1960.