Whitby voted as best Yorkshire has to offer

whitby in bloom members
whitby in bloom members

Whitby In Bloom has been chosen out of thousands of entrants to represent Yorkshire in a nationwide competition.

Whitby will be representing the best of what Yorkshire has to offer in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom UK final for 2015.

In the coastal category for towns with 12,000 residents, Whitby will be up against Dartmouth, St Pierre du Bois, St Brelade, Lytham and North Berwick.

Yorkshire In Bloom put the town forward after last year’s regional stage of judging.

It was particularly impressed by Whitby in Bloom’s ability to engage every element of the community, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to helping the environment and for top horticultural achievement.

There are just 70 communities across the UK that have been selected for this special honour, including towns, villages, cities and urban communities.

Judging takes place in August but the volunteer members that make up Whitby In Bloom are already pruning, planting and preparing to get the town’s floral displays in fine form.

Whitby will be visited by two judges from the Royal Horticultural Society who will meet community representatives and go on a tour of local projects.

They will assess everything from local recycling initiatives to areas of natural habitat and conservation.

They will also be looking at the management of street furniture and public parks, and will be assessing how well the group is responding to climate change and how they are engaging the community in their local Bloom activities.

Results will be announced at an awards ceremony this October and will be attended by representatives of all 70 finalists.

Stephanie Eynon is from the Royal Horticultural Society. She said: “It’s such an achievement to get to the UK Finals of the Bloom campaign.

“These communities are transforming their towns, cities and villages with gardening and environmental activities.

“Volunteers of all ages join in and they make a tremendous impact.

“It isn’t about who beats who in the UK Finals – it’s about what volunteers are doing for their community – at the end of the day, every participating community is already a winner.

“Well done Whitby in Bloom and good luck.”

Under chairman Amanda Smith and her predecessor Susan Davies, the Whitby in Bloom group has retained the title of best small coastal town from Yorkshire in Bloom for the past five years.