Whitby's Golden Lion: decision to keep name is a 'victory for the people of the town'

Whitby's Golden Lion will keep its name.
Whitby's Golden Lion will keep its name.

The decision to keep the name of the Golden Lion in Whitby has been hailed as a “victory for the people of the town”.

Owner Star Pubs had been proposing to change the name of the drinking establishment at the foot of Golden Lion Bank to ‘The Salty Dog’ as part of its plans to renovate the pub.

However, this resulted in a large outcry by members of public who signed a petition calling on Star Pubs to change its mind.

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Dr John Field, chairman of Whitby Civic Society said: “I am absolutely delighted that this ancient pub will be keeping its name.

“It is a victory for the people of the town who made their feelings clear by signing the petition and by making comments on social media. I think it really let the owners know the strength of feeling that people had.

“The plans for the pub look very good, we are particularly pleased with the designs for the exterior it was only the name change that we objected to and we are pleased that common sense has prevailed.”

The Grade II listed pub has operated under the name of The Golden Lion since 1714, according to Dr Field.

In fact, Golden Lion Bank, where the building is located is actually named after the pub.