WHISH: Summer holidays – the pleasure and pain!

Puppet show with Kayleigh Bell & Mia Bucktrout.
Puppet show with Kayleigh Bell & Mia Bucktrout.

For most parents, the thought of the summer holidays approaching was a mixture of anticipation and dread – lovely to spend time together, doing activities and having fun.

Balanced with refereeing the inevitable squabbles and sitting indoors watching the rain as your planned perfect day out is spoiled again!

Some children function better with structured days, timetables, seeing the same people they know and trust every day. For their parents the school holidays can be a very difficult time, as their child is out of the routine that normally gives structure to their life and disoriented.

In contrast, other children struggle dreadfully with sleep and don’t function well on a school day timetable.

Their parents look forward to the summer as a few weeks without a battle with their children from early morning to 9 o’clock to get them to start the day.

Here at WHISH we have tried to help by providing a range of sports, social and creative activities, along with our sensory room , which has been well used on rainy days particularly.

This year, helped by a generous donation by local lady Lieske Drewery and matched funds from Whitby chemists Day Lewis, we have been able to offer some outings as well.

Children have experienced the Easingwold Maze, Playdale Farm and Beamish Museum, having a great time with their WHISH friends.

So as this year’s summer school holidays are rapidly disappearing, we’ve helped to make some happy memories of days of fun, to remember through the next few months.

As the children start school, move school, or return to a new year group, it can be with a mixture of pleasure and worry about what the new school year will bring. We’re already planning Autumn activities – Halloween, Bonfire Night, dare I say it ... Christmas.

So as Summer 2017 disappears into the past we look forward to the rest of the year.

WHISH will be here to support children and parents with our after school and weekend activities for children and our parent support sessions.

We are open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and until 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

by Yvonne Harrison.