View from the Zoo: Day celebrates the work of a zookeeper

Montage picture shows some of Flamingo Land's zookeepers in action on International Zookeeper Day.
Montage picture shows some of Flamingo Land's zookeepers in action on International Zookeeper Day.

Staff at Flamingo Land have recently celebrated International Zookeeper Day which takes place on October 4 every year and recognises the huge contribution they make to the care and conservation of all species great and small.

The date is celebrated worldwide as the Feast of St Francis of Assisi.

Since 1979 he has been known as patron saint of animals and the environment.

For many endangered species captivity is unfortunately their last hope of survival so it will always be a rewarding job for those who dedicate their lives to saving species by way of conservation, breeding programs, education, outreach, and research.

At Flamingo Land all the keepers are extremely devoted to the work that they are doing. Come rain or shine they are always working hard for the animals and for the members of the public.

Animals require specialist care and attention, whether it’s cleaning the fish tanks in the aquarium, feeding meat to our large carnivores like lions and tigers, training our birds and sea lions for their displays, giving a giraffe a pedicure or even mucking out our huge Rhino enclosures.

The animals at the zoo are part of an international breeding programme where zoos help increase the population of endangered animals and can move them on to different collections across the world.

Keepers and zoos around the globe are all pursuing the same goal in ensuring every animal is given the best life possible in captivity.

This involves training, feeding, rewards, veterinary care and cleaning up after them.

To become a zookeeper your will fine if very helpful if you do a degree based in zoology or equivalent as well as gaining any experience working with animals even domesticated will give you a huge advantage.

The job itself is very physical and keepers need to be fit, strong, and very enthusiastic.