Try your hand at this Crab, lobster and leek tart, Magpie Cafe-style

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Here’s the latest Magpie cafe recipe for you to make at home - particularly if you’re partial to shellfish!

Ingredients - serves 4

For the pastry:

400g plain flour

100g butter

100g lard

1 egg

splash of water

Salt and pepper

For the filling:

½ cooked lobster

100g crab meat (white andbrown)

1 egg

100ml milk

75ml double cream

100g washed and finely

sliced leek

Knob of butter

Salt and pepper

Crème fraîche to serve


To make the pastry, sieve the flour and add a little seasoning, cut up the butter and lard into small pieces and add to the flour.

With the tips of your fingers, rub the fat into the flour until you form a texture like crumbs, make a well in the centre and crack the egg into it.

Lightly beat the egg and then mix with the flour mix, adding a splash of water if needed to form a smooth, soft dough.

Wrap in cling film and chill for ½ an hour.

For the filling, sauté the leek in the butter, beat the eggs, add seasoning, milk and cream.

Fold into the crab and add the leek, set aside.

For best results I would recommend baking the pastry blind (which means cooking the pastry without any filling in).

Grease and flour 6 x 10cm tart tins (or one larger tart/pie tin if you don’t have individual tins) divide the pastry into 6, roll out and line the tins, leaving the pastry hanging over the edge, this will be trimmed when the pastry is cooked.

Take some greaseproof paper and cut six large round circles (this is called a

cartouche) and place into the tarts; fill each tart with baking beans (or you could use uncooked rice or dried marrowfat peas to weigh down the paper).

Cook the tart cases in a preheated oven (210, gas 8) for about 20 mins, remove the beans and cartouche, return to the oven for a further 4-5 mins, remove from oven and cool slightly.

Trim off the cases.

You will only need to use 4 tart cases, so choose the best 4 and keep the 2 as spares or freeze them to use another time.

Take the picked lobster and share the meat between the 4 tarts, then ladle the crab mix into the tarts and carefully place the tarts into the oven (cook at 180, gas 6) until set.

This should take between 25-30 mins.

Remove from the oven and let them rest for a couple of minutes before removing them from their tins.

Serve with some dressed leaves and crème fraîche.