Pair in 30s Runswick Bay photo

George Taylor and Mary Ann Taylor
George Taylor and Mary Ann Taylor

THIS photo was taken in Runswick Bay in the early 1930s at the end of the road in the ‘Bay known locally as The Cockpit.

Jean Malcomson of Runswick Bay, who sent the picture in to the Whitby Gazette, recalled that the veg and fruit cart used to arrive once a week in the village.

Mr Herbert Mason – Herbie – was from Staithes and also had a small shop in the High Street.

Jean said the woman in the photo is her grandmother Mary Ann Taylor who lived in North Lea all her life - she would be in her 70s here.

The boy sitting on the path is George Taylor, known as Bew - he would be aged about 10.

The dog on his knee was called Twig.