Opinion: Respect to those with strong, dedicated faith

Nicky Knight
Nicky Knight

As a company, we have our charities that we are loyal to, some holding a special place due to personal reasons like MacMillan, others because you know they desperately need the support to stay viable and they actually blow your mind at the work they do, like the Great North Air Ambulance.

In addition to these two, we also support many local fundraisers that come up through heartbreak or by just knowing the people we are helping. However, recently I came across a new charity for us that I hadn’t really heard about before, 52 Lives, this is a charity with a big difference.

150317    Snowdrops outside the Mallyan Spout Hotel in Goathland.

150317 Snowdrops outside the Mallyan Spout Hotel in Goathland.

These guys step in when no-one else can, they are not looking for monetary donations to help science come up with a miraculous cure and they are not dedicated to one particular cause.

They basically and genuinely just want to make someone’s life a little brighter, put a smile on a sad face, or just give someone a reason to carry on simply by showing there are people out there who care.

This can be sending a birthday card to a child who has no-one and feels lost in this world, asking for help for a young man who has been badly abused and is now looking to set up home by himself but has no furniture, curtains or bedding or in my case giving a one night stay in a hotel to a young mum who has already lost one child to a deadly disease and is facing the vile truth that she is going to lose her second.

No, this doesn’t stop their pain but maybe just for a second they may just smile. If you have the time and can get on line, take a look at 52 Lives.

This leads me on to question things that I have taken for granted all my life, something that has been instilled in me from birth, my religion.

A very touchy subject in a very cruel world right now, but I am not talking about the terror that has reared its head through religion but more on my questioning my beliefs.

Even in our small community, we are being faced with horrendous illnesses especially in our children, good people dying and hurting while evil people live, a basic way of thought I know, but it’s how I think.

Why do we have to suffer such pain, why would anyone allow this?

I go to church occasionally, nowhere near the amount of times that I should to call my self a Christian. I have always said that you don’t need to be in church to pray, if I’m honest I think that’s just an easy cop out!

I have done the school festivals, carol services and the rare Sunday services. I have pushed my girls to follow a Christian faith, be humble towards other, had them christened and my eldest has just married in church and to be honest I think that was important to the both of us that she did have God’s blessing.

So why do I have this wobble of faith and belief now?

Does getting older make you more “streetwise”, do the knocks you face make you more sceptical, does everyone lose faith in what they believe?

Why do we light a candle in church for a lost loved one, is it for them or is it for us? Why does God take the good ones and leave us with the bad?

I’m really not saying I don’t believe any more, I’m just saying I feel a little bemused, I look around and see untold heartache and sometimes it really is just too much to bear. Maybe I’m frightened to say I don’t believe for fear of the Unknown, maybe when my time comes God will see me as a non-believer and then only heaven knows where I will end up.

I do so envy the people who have their faith, whatever religion, strong and dedicated no waivering, they have lost loved ones and it is their faith that has got them through.