Opinion: Is it best to be a 24/7 mum – or go back to work?

Emma Beagley
Emma Beagley

So firstly I am a mum of four girls – Holly 13, Maddie 10, Charlotte 7 and Gracie 4. Having them is the best thing I ever did.

I absolutely love the bones off them and have had points in their lives when I have been a stay-at-home mum and even worked from home, but have to say that I am enjoying being back at work.

Working at Dunsley Hall has let me have a little independence back while still being able to play an active role as mum. As any working mum would probably agree, you are always going to feel guilty about something, whether it be missing sports day, or only putting one white sock in their PE kit as you had 30 seconds to put five pairs of shoes on and get in the car, or as I shamefully have to admit, forgetting to check that my five-year-old had actually put underwear on under her summer dress, which only came to light when my eight-year-old saw her doing cartwheels in the playground!

Ooops. It’s been a subject that since becoming a mum, I have noticed has been up for debate among other working mums and stay at home mums. Whether it’s best to be there 24/7 for your kids or whether to go out to work.

I personally have experienced both and genuinely can see the pros and cons of both.

I think it’s important to be there for your children wholly and applaud women that put 100% of their time into looking after their children, which is very rewarding and I have to say very hard work. My kids loved this and I enjoyed every minute (well most of them anyway!)

I also understand the need financially and sometimes mentally to be a working mum and share your time.

For me, it feels like a valuable lesson for them and I feel good about helping my long suffering husband financially. As my husband works away quite a bit, it’s important for me to find a good balance between work and the children and I am very lucky to have found a job where I can do that. Working at Dunsley Hall makes it possible for me to work the hours I need whilst being able to work around the children and my husband’s hours.

Also working with such great colleagues means that even the hardest day has been made easier by being in a nice working environment. Happy mummy means happy children!

Three things a working mum is:

l You’re a master of time-management

No-one knows how to squeeze every moment out of the day like a full-time working mum.

l You know how to make the most of family time

One of the benefits of being out of the house all week is that you’re determined to keep time off sacred- not for catching up on housework or doing the weekly shop.

l You’re still a mum – even when you’re not there

You may not physically be at home, but your number one role in life is as a mum.

You never stop worrying, planning, and just loving, and if the phone rings and your child needs you, you’ll drop everything to be there.