Letters: Ellie pens war memorial poem

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Thirteen-year-old Ellie Morgan write the following poem about Remembrance Day.

The guns held high in people’s hands,

Everything was destroyed even all the lands.

The children were crying,

When soldiers were dying.

I looked forward into the lands,

I saw soldiers marching hand in hand.

I was amazed at the fact they were coming home,

Now I will never be alone!

I remember telling my children everything will be fine,

As they joined the long train line.

Onto the train my children go,

Their sad faces look out of the window,

Their faces as sad as a gloomy day,

But I knew they’ll be fine when they’re on their way.

It will now just be me and their dad,

Until he goes back, that day will be bad.

He is a soldier in the war,

The best feeling ever when he walks through the door.

BANG the bombs went off,

The smoke from them making us cough,

I knew we would have a lot of patients that day,

But hopefully I could treat them and send then on their way.

The grey gloomy clouds were coming over ahead,

I was creating a man who was nearly dead.

Things I experienced at that time,

All those soldiers stood in a line.

Many of them fighting for our lives,

Supported by their lovely wives.

But now we’re safe we don’t have to worry,

I’ll never go back there in a hurry.

I got my children back from the countryside,

When I saw them I nearly cried.

Now the poppies are scattered in the fields,

To remind us of those lives lost in the battlefield.

My husband’s flower is in there too,

He lost his life protecting you.

Ellie Morgan (13)

Caedmon College