Knitted together

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Having just celebrated their first year anniversary, ‘Knitted Together’ are a small, busy group of women based in Whitby library that knit for charity.

Valerie Moncaster, one of the group’s leaders, said: “First we knitted vests for a maternity clinic in Uganda as the need was for vests and blankets to encourage young women to come and have their babies in safety.

“If they did, they were given two vests and a blanket.

“If they came back after six weeks to bring their babies for inoculations they were given two more vests.”

The group knits tiny coats, hats and bootees for the premature units at Scarborough and Middlesbrough hospitals.

Mrs Moncaster added: “We are doing pale coloured shawls and small hats for the still born babies and we also knit teddies for a trauma group.”

The group is subsidised by the church at Green Lane Centre and all the wool, patterns and needles are donated.

Mrs Moncaster added: “All of us meet not only for the knitting, but for the companionship.

“We can be heard as well as seen in the library for we are a noisy group who enjoy laughing together.

“The library staff got us started and help in anyway they can.”

The group are very happy to receive any wool to be donated and are always open to new members.

For more information or to join the group contact Ann Jackson on (01947) 810590 or call Sue Horby on (01947) 604977.