Images of Whitby with a Sutcliffe twist

Charles Twist's image of Whitby harbour
Charles Twist's image of Whitby harbour

WHITBY Tourist Information Centre is displaying photographs by local artist Charles Twist - which are made to look as though they were taken in the time of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.

Charles works extensively with large bellows cameras, the design of which has changed little since the early days of photography.

Charles Twist

Charles Twist

Of late, he has taken a particular interest in the lenses that were used in Victorian days.

The exhibition brings together a dozen views of the town taken with a lens approximately 150 years old.

Charles said: “Although bellows cameras have changed little since Victorian times, the early lenses, on the other hand, have far more design flaws than their descendants today.

“As a result, they impart a very distinctive character to the final image which looks pulled out of the history books.

“At first glance, the pictures, taken on black and white film, will remind many of the famous photographs by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.

“However, the presence of cars and other props of our modern age gives the story away.

“These pictures fascinate because of how they draw attention to the development of the town in the last 120 years.

“These images have many imperfections which, in our all-digital age, come as quite a shock.

“We are all so used to crisp imagery that seeing prints with so many faults is a novelty.

“These traits are now being re-discovered with more and more photographers taking an interest in the history of their craft.

“The public too are reacting positively to this other way of seeing. In these uncertain times, a return to tradition is comforting, and there is also an appreciation for the craft that goes in to creating these pictures.”

The prints will be displayed at the Whitby Tourist Information Centre until Friday 4 November, free entry. The opening hours are Monday to Sunday 10am to 4.30pm.

Prints are available for purchase on a permanent basis.