Geoffrey is president

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WHITBY and District Rotary Club has recently appointed a new president to lead its team in the continuing help and support it provides for the local community.

Geoffrey McInerny, who has been a member of the Rotary Club for the past four years following a career in the military, was elected president by his fellow members of the club.

“Some people seem to think that the president runs everything,” he said, “but we stick to Whitby’s way of doing things.

“Anything that’s decided is decided by the whole team.”

The Rotary Club meets each month to “have lunch, socialise, and decide what can be done to help the community”.

They organise many events in the local area, including the recent Technology Tournament and the popular Town and Country Fair due to be held next month.

However, Mr McInerny admits that “a lot of people know that the Rotary exists but they don’t understand it” and said that one of his main aims for the club could be to “try to recruit younger members” to the team.

Mr McInerny added: “We try not to be exclusive.

“Many people think it’s purely professional business types, but actually we’re a very mixed bunch.”

By combining their skills and resources, the members of the Rotary are able to make a real and significant difference to the district, and raise a great deal of money for community projects and local charities.

As its new president says, they “do things that require time and effort”, and although they “keep a low profile” the benefits of their hard work are widespread.