Exhibit: Pannett Art Gallery showcases the gifts of northern artists

Platys Hi-fin - acrylic on canvas 19 x 15 "
Platys Hi-fin - acrylic on canvas 19 x 15 "

The work of 17 makers from across the North of England can be seen in Gifted, a fantastic range of high quality craft and fabulous design on display at Whitby’s Pannett Art Gallery.

From embroidery, knitting and applique through to etched, fused and stained glass, paper cuts, enamel, many different styles of jewellery and ceramics there is a wealth of talent on display.

Exhibiting artists:

Serena Partridge is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She creates miniature garments, embroidered with meticulous hand stitching and inspired by historical costume and storytelling.

Helen Birmingham’s Mixed Media and Textile work uses a variety of materials and

techniques in novel and unselfconscious ways.

Much of her work contains precious scraps of materials, combined in highly original, decorative designs.

The colourful and contemporary embroidery of local artist Jessica Grady feature beautiful floral imagery and sumptuously textured, embellished designs.

Rachel Welford designs and makes glass for architectural settings, including public

buildings, offices, private homes or outside spaces. She creates artworks that respond to their environment and change in relation to the varying light of day.

Inspired primarily by light and its interaction with glass, Rachel mixes reflective and matt, transparent or translucent surfaces, layering them to create visually delicate works with complex spatial relationships.

Janet Fraser is a self-taught stained glass artist who works from her garden studio near Whitby. She uses the copper foil and lead technique to create small gift items ranging up to large bespoke leaded panels and windows.

Janet is also passionate about reclaiming old glass and old glass panels to restore to their former glory. 

Ailsa Nicholson is a highly successful professional ceramic and glass artist.

Her work is largely inspired by the landscape and seascape of the local area, culminating in bold, abstract and tactile forms created by using a variety of kiln casting techniques.

For Ailsa the thought and technical processes are as inspiring as the forms themselves, her work is constantly moving and changing as she pushes the boundaries of possibility. In Gifted, she is showing her kiln formed glass pendants and fused glass decorative panels.

Tilly Wilkinson’s jewellery includes vitreous enamel: powdered glass that is fired on to a metal base usually copper, steel, or precious metal. Enamels often react with the metal they are fired onto, producing unexpected colours and effects.

While this is a stumbling block for the beginner it is one of the characteristics that Tilly loves about enamel. She has had trained with some of the best enamellers in the UK and Europe and has over 20 years of experimenting with different enamelling techniques as well as training in silversmithing and metal forming with highly regarded professionals. Tilly is the Guild of Enamellers regional representative for the North West of England and North Wales.

Other enamel work includes the exquisite Vitreous enamel bowls of David Cowling.

Th sumptuously rich colours in these vessels have great depth and beauty.

A range of colourful decorative enamel panels by Harry Nicholson are also on display.

Enamel Jeweller Jill Leventon is a largely self-taught designer-maker, with over 25 years’ experience. Much of Jill’s work uses copper, which she will often form before enamelling.

Utilising the interaction between enamels and copper fired at extra-high temperatures

produces a unique effect unobtainable in any other medium.

Jill uses these effects in her attractive jewellery and key rings.

Lynne Glazzard is an experienced jewellery designer-maker, working in silver, enamel and metal clay. Her work, often inspired by the techniques she learns on courses taken across the world, including in Japan and recently in Denmark, is of an exceptionally high standard.

Her striking designs are created as pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings.

The decorative paintings of Jo Witney are inspired by the raw materials, particularly wood. She uses acrylic paint with lots of gel medium to create the layers and textures of paint on wood, stone or brick walls. There is spontaneity and a nod towards graffiti art in her paintings which are full of movement and life.

Jo said: “Textured canvasses make an interesting backdrop for birds, fish, boats and the sea. I like the idea that the birds are just passing through, blink and they’re gone.”

Jo also likes to paint on driftwood, each piece is individual with the textures and shapes suggesting different designs.

Other crafts on display are:

The quirky Knitted Gansey Fish of Angela Knipe, hand knitted with the traditional patterns of Ganseys from many local fishing villages and towns.

The beautifully designed scarves by the textiles group Knit Happens.

The funky mixed media fish, created mainly from recycled tin cans, by Louise Connell.

The delightful hand crafted silver, gold and resin Jewellery of Kate Wimbush.

Gifted is open Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am to 4.30pm (last admission half an hour before

closing) and runs until November 19.