Shorty’s Gins of Whitby lands a bronze at World Gin Awards 2020

A Whitby business has overcome a series of obstacles to land a bronze award at the World Gin Awards 2020.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 5:30 pm
Rachael Conisbee of Shorty's Gin with her award and a bottle of Endeavour gin. picture: Duncan Atkins

Shorty’s Gins’ Endeavour Gin was rated by judges as being in the top three from more than 600 gins they sampled, much to the delight of Rachael Conisbee, who started the business nearly three years ago.

“The underdog has achieved the unimaginable,” said Rachael, who was nicknamed Shorty by her late father. “It has been a rocky road getting to where I am today.

“From little acorns grow great oaks.”

Speaking to the Gazette from her base at St Hilda’s Business Centre in town, Rachael outlined the numerous problems she has encountered while trying to establish the business which she runs on her own.

It started while picking plums from a tree in her family’s garden after a particular productive season.

Getting the business going proved to be a steep learning curve.

Among the hurdles she faced were:

l being told from a business centre outside of Whitby to stick to her hobby of making drifwood art, rather than trying to make and sell gin

l lots of red tape – obtaining a personal alcohol license, a premises license, a compounder’s license, registering with the duty stamp schemeand the Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme.

l applying for her trademark Endeavour gin but then someone else using it –and the prospect of a costly and draining court battle (a solicitor’s letter resolved this in Rachael’s favour)

l having no money to carry on – until a benefactor recognised her doggedness and determination to succeed – and stepped in to help

Rachael is achieving her dream through sheer grit and hard work. She has a message for people who want to achieve their own dreams - never to give up and that if you believe in something 100 per cent then you should go for it.

“I was always the one who was the dreamer in the family but if you put your mind to it and really try – you can get it.

“The battle has been long, hard and fraught with hassles, obstacles and legalities but we as a company have prevailed, culminating in the launch of Endeavour Gin, a London dry gin.

“Life is a challenge from birth and how we approach each day, how we treat others and animals, is how we progress and how we develop into good human beings.

“What really matters in life is how we treat each other, look after each other and how we can help and impact, in a positive way, on other folks’ lives,” she said.