Doomed expedition’s Whitby links - can you help?

Captain Scott and his men
Captain Scott and his men
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A CENTURY ago the Gazette reported how Whitby was closely linked to Captain Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic, and we’d like your help to find out more.

Robert Falcon Scott and his team, including Lawrence ‘Titus’ Oates, had failed in their quest to be the first to reach the South Pole in March 1912, an expedition that was to claim the lives of the entire team.

The Gazette article recalls how Captain Scott’s wife, Kathleen, spent many months of her childhood at Thorpe, at a house named Inthorpe House, where, after the death of her father, the Canon Bruce, the family stayed for some years.

She also stayed at the Vicarage, where she and her sister became friends with the Rev Cooper and his family.

Kathleen would also have been accompanied by her two brothers, one of whom, Wilfred, took part in the expedition.

Captain Oates, whose noble self-sacrifice of his own life has become legend, was also well known in Whitby.

Mrs Sutcliffe of Bagdale had a life-long connection with Oates’ family and was said to recall the great friendship they shared.

Captain Oates’ parents visited Ewe Cote Hall, where the Sutcliffes lived, and in 1878 his sister was born there.

Just a year before the exhibition Captain Oates’ mother staying in Whitby and his father would bring his yacht, named the Curlew, to Whitby each year.

Sisters Elizabeth and Jennie Marwood, of Ewe Cote, were both nursemaid to the family for several years.

Do you recognise any of the local names featured above?

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