Cadet force appeals for volunteers


THE ARMY cadet force in Whitby is urgently seeking more adult volunteers to support the region’s 1,500 cadets.

As new cadets continue to sign up, the force’s adult instructors are struggling to keep up with demand and are calling for men and women over the age of 18 to consider volunteering at their local detachment.

Lieutenant Tim Richardson, detachment commander of Whitby ACF, said: “Being an adult instructor in the Army Cadet Force is enormously rewarding and a great privilege. Besides having the opportunity to play a leading role in the development of young people, it’s also a terrific way to take part in a range of exciting military-orientated pursuits – from training weekends and summer camp holidays, to white-water rafting and rock climbing.”

Whitby cadet detachment is one of 46 across North and West Yorkshire urgently requiring support and Cadet Sergeant Joel Fenwick, 18, from the detachment said: “I love every minute of being a cadet. The ACF is a great place to make new friends, develop skills and enjoy experiences that many other people my age rarely get the chance to do. But the whole unit can only exist if we continue to have enough adult volunteers. Without them we will struggle to be able to provide high quality training and opportunities for other cadets like me.”

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