Broadband project to rejuvenate centre

A TOTAL of £6,000 worth of funding has been allocated to a project at the Eastside community centre to help unite old and young residents.

It is also hoped that the project will increase useage of the centre, making it more sustainable for the future.

The money will be used towards installing a broadband connection to the centre, off Abbotts Road, so that IT sessions and workshops can be held for Whitby’s older residents.

In turn those behind the East Side masterplan are sowing the seeds for a gardening project to educate the town’s younger people about healthier eating and the benefits of growing their own foods.

Jo Ireland from Scarborough Borough Council’s regeneration and planning services said: “Through the steering group, one of the issues identified is the potential use of the Eastside Community Centre.

“To provide a broadband connection would enable that to be used more and be a community hub.

“As part of this project we are hoping that some of the youngsters might share their IT knowledge and older people can pass on their gardening skills. It has real benefits in terms of long term sustainability.”

The £6,000 was agreed by the Northern Area Committee at a meeting at Sneaton Castle on Tuesday night.

Coun Dorothy Clegg said: “The fortunes of this centre have risen and fallen and gone up and down.

“It is high time that it received committed public support and it is the only way.

“If this demonstrates that it will bring more people in I will move it.”

Out of all the residents on the East Side, just 70 surveys asking people what they would like to see have so far being returned but one of the issues highlighted was the surface of the ball court.

Ms Ireland added: “That is a positive to kick start the masterplan.

“It is really important that alongside the consultation people can see action on the ground.”