Loftus Optical offers eye scan that could save your life

A local optician is offering a unique eye scan which can spot life-threatening issues in the back of your eye.

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Wednesday, 20th January 2021, 2:19 pm
Local optician offers discount on high-tech new scan for a full eye-health check MOT

John Prouse, director of Loftus Optical and its sister clinic in Skelton, has invested £100,000 in an Optomap scanner which scans for problems at the very back of your eyes.

“Most opticians these days have a retinal camera but the problem with this is it can only see 15 per cent of the retina,” he explains.

“The standard camera is better than nothing but it’s a bit like going to the dentist and the dentist only checking a few of your teeth. The Optomap scan sees nearly five times more than the standard camera and over 28 times more than the traditional optician’s torch.

“That is why I have invested in the Optomap scanner to kit out both Loftus and Skelton Opticians with the latest life- and sight-saving technology.”

The high-tech equipment, which is normally only found in special eye hospitals and select opticians across the UK, offers patients a vital chance to get a full health check inside your eyes.

John gives the example of a Liverton Mines resident who went for an eye test despite not having any problems with his vision; the Optomap scan revealed a tumour inside his eye which was confirmed by an oncologist. Thankfully it was spotted in time and he received treatment which saved his life.

“The eyes are so important, they give you vision but they are also the window to your general health,” says John.

“When you’re over 40, there are many general health and eye problems that don’t cause any pain or symptoms. One of the best ways to get this checked is to visit your optician.

“The Optomap scan is not something you will find at any of the big chains and it is now available to you locally on your doorstep at Loftus and Skelton.”

The scan usually costs £60 but the Loftus Optical team are offering a special New Year sight check discount – with scans available for half-price.

This means that for just £30 you can get a full Optomap scan and a private eye test at the same time.

If you join the eye plan membership club, you’ll also receive unlimited private eye-health checks as well as glasses at greatly discounted prices.

If you have not had an eye test for a while, or if you have had one recently with the team but did not get the new scan, then call now on 01287 644211 for Loftus and 01287 650655 for Skelton.

Visit or to find out more. Offer ends on January 31, 2021.