Whitby youngster on a mission to help save the planet

An eco-friendly youngster from Stainsacre is on a green mission to save the planet!

Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 9:38 am
Alex Welford-Robinson, 7, who wants everyone to go green and help save our planet.

From a young age Alex Welford-Robinson, 7, has been interested in the great outdoors, with a passion for getting muddy.

Alex, a pupil at Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre School, loves to spend time with his grandad – a tenant famer at Scaling Dam on the edge of the North York Moors – learning about farm animals and the wildlife on the farm too.

He has volunteered at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary, helping to muck out and feed the hedgehogs and hopes to go again in the next school holidays.

He also took his pet lamb Lambi into school to give his classmates a talk about how important it is to keep dogs on leads in the countryside, how wool is produced, and the importance of supporting British farmers and buying local British produce in order to help cut down on air miles and pollution.

It was a great success.

Alex, who is keen on becoming a conservationist when he is older, also designed a poster on the last day of his Christmas holidays, which he posted online to reach a bigger audience – and also to save on trees.

His mum Clare said: “It is often said that it is up to our children to save the planet.

“I strongly agree with that.

“However, how can we expect our children to save something which they know nothing about and do not respect?

“By teaching our children about the world around them, by getting outside and running through woodlands and getting muddy, by showing them different trees and berries and how the acorn grows into the mighty oak, by watching and observing the wildlife around them and teaching them about the importance of protecting their habitats, they too will get the ‘bug’ and respect the world around them.”