Angry A-level student from Whitby Sixth Form says: "I've been robbed of my future"

An angry A-level student from the Whitby area has hit out at the system, saying he has been robbed of his future after his results were downgraded.

Monday, 17th August 2020, 2:26 pm
Updated Monday, 17th August 2020, 2:30 pm
Kilian Robinson

Kilian Robinson has consistently achieved the highest possible grades for his subjects Biology, Chemistry and Maths over the past two years.

But the 18-year-old Whitby Sixth Form student was horrified on Thursday to discover that his centre assessment grades had been reduced from A*A*A* to ABB by the standardisation technique the Government has put into practice, despite him not once attaining anything lower than an A.

As a result, he is now unsure of whether he will be able to study Biological Sciences at Imperial College London.

The college indicated they would keep his place open if his appeal is successful but Kilian is currently awaiting guidance on how to go about that.

Another option could be to resit exams in the autumn, but with schools firmly closed until September, he said he would lose that criticial teacher support.

Kilian, who lives in Egton, said a friend who attained the same centre assessment grades, acquired them on results day and had been accepted onto a course, while he had not.

"How this can be considered a robust system is beyond me," said Kilian, who lives in Egton.

"Regardless of the fact that I have evidence to prove my centre assessment grades, the location and past performance of my college was used to determine my grades, almost as if I’m being treated as a statistic."

"I have sacrificed invaluable time with friends and put my heart and soul into my A-levels.

"I have been robbed and I must do something about this, not just for my sake, but the exorbitant quantities of other students who have been wrongly categorised."