Objections to bait freezer on Whitby road popular with visitors and residents

Traders and councillors have objected to the bait freezer
Traders and councillors have objected to the bait freezer

Traders and councillors in Whitby have called on the borough council to refuse planning permission to a company that wants to place a bait freezer on the town’s Fish Quay.

Grimes Shellfish Ltd of Scarborough wants to place the unit behind four huts on the quay in Whitby’s Pier Road in an area popular with visitors and residents.

Whitby Town Council and the traders who use the huts have objected, however, saying the unit will spoil the views and area for the public. But the applicant says he has no other option to support his business.

Mark Jones, who runs The Seafood Shack from one of the huts, says he cannot understand why the freezer needs to be placed in a place used by the general public.

He told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “The area behind the huts is very popular with kids going crabbing and for people to sit and have their fish and chips, it is one of the last areas you can do that down here.”

He added that the freezer could be accommodated in the fish market further along the quay.

Another trader, Andrew Armitage, has written to the borough council with his concerns.

He said: “As the owner of the stall directly in front of the proposed unit selling ice cream I will be affected first by the noise from the chiller unit, traffic movement onto the area behind my stall and the smell, not a good mix.”

Whitby Town Council has also lodged an objection, saying the unit would have an adverse effect on the “amenity of neighbours [and on] the character and appearance of the area”.

Applicant Mick Grimes told the Local Democracy Reporting service, however, that he had no other option but to place the freezer in the proposed location.

He said: “Last year, I put in a bid for the fish sheds, a good proposal that would have employed 20 people but the [borough] council went with someone else. I’m effectively blocked from using the sheds, they are not an option for me, so the [council’s] harbour office suggested [the proposed area] instead.

“I run boats out of Whitby and in bad weather we have to send a van back to Scarborough to store the bait. So we are sending one van of bait in the morning and then, sometimes, one back to Scarborough later the same day.

“We don’t really have any other option for the freezer in Whitby.”

A spokesman for Scarborough Council confirmed it had suggested the location but the application was still subject to the planning process.