‘Shooting’ at Air Cadets as team trains

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A Whitby Air Cadets exercise tested the young team’s skills when faced with a potential terrorist attack last week.

Actors played the role of shooting victims, while the cadets also had to deal with a potential bomb threat.

Sergeant Adrian Wood supervised the exercise and said he was not surprised that some of the newer cadets were uncertain of what to do, but it was a good learning experience.

He added: “The more they practice dealing with emergency situations, the better they will be able to handle a real one.

“Just look at the RNLI, they regularly practice so that when it matters, they do what they have to automatically.”

Cadets at Whitby’s 740 Squadron building were unaware an exercise was to take place until shots rang out and they discovered a man laying seriously injured with bullet wounds. Two others had also been hit, with one of the casualties - Army Cadet Sam Boyes - going into hysterics.

The cadets then spotted a possible Improvised Explosive Device under one of the cars.

Squadron Commander Martyn Marsh explained the exercise was a test of leadership and First Aid skills.

“Over the years, cadets who have been trained in First Aid have saved many lives throughout the country,” added Warrant Officer Marsh. “The more they practice in this sort of environment, the better they will perform if they need to.”

The exercise was conducted jointly with Whitby Detachment Army Cadets who provided some of the casualties and the ‘shots’, which were fired from a sports starting pistol.

Lieutenant Tim Richardson said he was pleased to help out, adding: “It shows that the Cadet Forces of Whitby work together, not only at public events but at parade nights too.”




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