Whitby should embrace motor homes

I understand that your local council intends to ban the parking of motor homes in your town.

As a motor home tourist I want to express my disappointment at that news.

I can’t understand why motor home tourism is not embraced in the UK as it is in the rest of Europe.

I note that the argument that we should use official campsites is often advanced.

Many motor homers do not want to be corralled in camp sites, preferring to be near a town and use the shops and restaurants there.

Parking places in other countries are not always in scenic areas where there might be a risk of spoiling views.

A little thought as to how we can be accommodated might be better than trying to ban us because no matter how well your ban is publicised some people will not be aware of it so motor homes will continue to arrive in your town and drive round and round looking for parking places.

The growth in motor homing over the last few years has been huge, trying to ban it is like trying to turn the tide. It can’t be done. The difference between motor homing and caravanning is recognised and we are welcomed as an alternative and additional source of income from tourism in every other country in Europe. A few, very few forward thinking councils in the UK have seen this and welcomed us.

I shall avoid your town in future and spend my money where we are welcome. Mostly that will be in other countries. I am sure that is good news for those who don’t want us.

If your town does not want additional income from tourism that’s fine by me, I will spend my money where I am welcomed.

The hostility to motor momers in the UK is well known through out Europe and ensures that many fewer foreigners visit than might otherwise be the case.

Alan Thorne. by email