RAF Fylingdales - £11m too much

IS IT just me, or does £12.5m for a new mess at RAF Fylingdales sound about £11m too much?

At a time when Britain’s front line fighters, warships and troops are being slashed to pieces to save every penny in ferocious Government cuts, this seems hard for the faceless bureaucrats to justify, especially bearing in mind that our fathers and grandfathers in two World Wars made do with Nissen huts, tents and billy cans in the field.

And on another matter of apparent common nonsense, which bright spark thought up the idea to increase the size of the footpaths on the swing bridge? Any local knows that many visitors to Whitby already step out into the narrow roadway smack bang in front of cars without a glance either way. Wider footpaths will equal even more pedestrians swarming over the bridge - and this will almost certainly lead to serious/fatal accidents.

Yours exasperatingly

Mike Morgan, Captain Cook Crescent, Whitby by email