Praise for efficient service at Whitby Hospital

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In light of the recent negativity and bad media coverage, I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for the service I received at Whitby Hospital, which emphasised my personal opinion of how good the NHS is.

As a new resident of Scarborough I have been working for a construction company carrying out maintenance works at the hospital for the last few weeks. Although the hospital is obviously rather dated I think it has first class facilities, fantastic staff, and is very clean and tidy.

After a long term foot injury and whilst working next door to the X-ray department, I sensed and opportunity to have the problem investigated.

I spoke to the hospital co-ordinator who was sure Whitby could assist but advised I see my local GP first.

I did this on the Monday and asked for whitby as my preferred department.

I received a letter at the back end of the same week with a confirmed appointment for 9.45am the following Tuesday.

I arrived at 9.40am and was immediately called in and had the X-ray complete by 9.50am.

I have yet to go through the next phase to try and get the problem resolved but well done to all involved.

Very prompt, polite and efficient. Thank you.

Paul Crinnion, Newlands Avenue, Scarborough