Pier pressure

Pier Pressure
Pier Pressure
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No doubt this debate will continue for many a day, turning to weeks and then years, like the east pier.

‘Elf ‘n’ Safety appears to come in to its own when there is something ‘physical’ to inspect. There is a bridge and railings to inspect on both our piers. Being job worths they have suddenly, overnight flicked the switch and closed the west pier, citing the all important ‘elf ‘n’ safety.

Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure

Yet not 200m from your office, there is a potential hazard deemed safe because there is nothing physical to inspect therefore it must be safe.

See attached photos of Dock End car parks access footpath to the pontoon where Whitby Chartered Skippers moor their boats. No safety railings here to stop the public and all those fishing parties from tripping and falling head long in to the harbour. All those benches are normally full of tourists eating Whitby’s best ‘fish n chips’ and enjoying the unimpeded view across the harbour and not a safety rail in sight.

And what of the promenade where all those beech chalets are, no safety railings here either, just impeded footpaths with antisocial chalet users (The Write Stuff 9 September page 13).

‘Elf ‘n’ safety see what they want to see when and where they want to see it.

And what of the most dangerous pelican crossing in Whitby on the A171 Prospect Hill, 1/2 way across last night when a speeding motorist swerved around us, nearly colliding with the opposing stationary traffic. Someone will be killed here before long.

Peter Horbury, Prospect Hill, Whitby by email