A Whitby welcome!

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We wanted to write and tell you how one Scarborough Borough Council employee really made our day on a recent trip to Whitby.

On Thursday 10 November at about 9.50am we were looking at a bus timetable on Church Street, when a street sweeper passed us with his green cart all decorated with flags.

He made a point of saying “good morning” and chatting to us about our day (a planned walk to Robin Hood’s Bay) and the frequency of buses to get back.

He was so cheerful and helpful that we walked off feeling that meeting him was a great start to our day!

We commented that his attitude was an example to all of us – someone working outside in all weather, cleaning up after the rest of us and yet managing to do it with such pride and good humour.

We had a lovely walk over the cliff tops and got the bus back as discussed.

Walking through Whitby back to our car who should we bump into but our friendly street sweeper! He recognised us immediately and asked about our walk – how long had it taken us and where we had been for lunch. As we walked off he said “I hope you enjoy your stay in Whitby!”.

I hope the local council and the good people of Whitby appreciate what a wonderful ambassador they have in that happy street sweeper and will take the time to say hello to him and appreciate what a marvellous job he does!

Suzy and Dave, happy walkers from Buxton, by email