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Letter: Whitby loos are a disgrace

I am writing to say what a disgrace the Market Square toilets are, they are absolutely unhealthy.

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Whitby TIC - closing soon

Letter: Say farewell to Whitby TIC!

How many Whitby residents realise that, on Sunday 2 October, the town’s very popular and successful Tourist Information Centre on Dock End will close?

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Letter: Whitby left out of ambition for health

Re: the article in last week’s Whitby Gazette on Scarborough Borough Council’s war on obesity.

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Seagull - picture by Richard Ponter.

Letter: Red warning for seagulls!

As you are all aware, the borough and other areas have been making noises about seagull attacks and the mess created.
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Sandsend beach

Letter: Cause of cracks 'misleading'

I am not one normally to write in, but I feel that I must comment on last week’s Gazette headline ‘Coastal defences cracking already’.s

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Whitby harbour

Letter: Call for public meeting over Whitby piers

Is it not time we had a public meeting in Whitby to discuss the future of Whitby Piers and the Harbour?

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10cc at Whitby Coastline festival

Letter: Festival a huge success for Whitby

May I through your Voice of Whitby page thank the people from Whitby and surrounding areas for their terrific support during the recent Coastline Festival which headlined 10cc and The Real Thing, and was in aid of Whitby Town Football Club.

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Whitby's Pannett Park 
picture: Gary Simpson

Letter: More money should be spent on Whitby

So Alpamare have had a grand opening to the £14m waterpark in Scarborough with the help of £9m from Scarborough Borough Council which was agreed one vote only in council.

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A Whitby seagull

Letter: Council encourages gull growth in Whitby

At long last, our beloved Scarborough Borough Council is doing something nice for Whitby.

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Whitby TIC - soon home to a new restaurant

Letter: New Whitby restaurant must think outside the box

I would like to follow on from the excellent letter in last week’s Whitby Gazette from John McEachen regarding the possibility of a restaurant taking over the Tourist Information Centre in Whitby with an outside dining facility at Dock End.

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Tailbacks caused by the Mayfield junction roadworks
picture: Scott Wicking

Letter: Gridlock bad for Whitby's economy

When, when, when, is something going to be done about the incessant traffic congestion and gridlocking on the roads in Whitby?

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Letter: Public spirit on hottest day of year

On behalf of all the users of the Fitts (Whitby to Ruswarp) footpath, I should like to thank the gentleman who devoted the hottest day of the year so far to cutting back the nettles and undergrowth which have all but engulfed the path.

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Letter: Let's impress with our toilets!

Toilet provision is essential to visitors coming to our much advertised lovely coastline and moorland villages, so that they go back home and say to friends; we have been to Whitby/Scarborough, the toilets every way are first class.

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Whitby's park and ride

Letter: Where are the parking benefits in Whitby?

We are now in the third year of the park and ride and associated parking restrictions put in place to support the park and ride.

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Preparation of the site at Helredale playing fields, which is currently being built on.

Letter: Whitby needs more family homes

When we lost the battle to save Helredale playing field we thought that at least the new housing would provide homes for the many families in Whitby desperately needing them.

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Whitby's Tourist Information Centre

Letter: Waiting to see credibility of council elite

We have seen in the last week how the political elite can get caught with their trousers down as they want the electorate to vote one way and expect them to fall in line.

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Whitby Abbey looking fantastic - but council tax payers here pay a lot more than they do in Westminster!
picture: Donald Plant

Letter: More money, less service

I attended the recent Whitby Town Council meeting to ask what is happening to all the money that is being generated in Whitby.

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Letter: Thanks for supporting deprived children

A coffee morning held at 17 Mulgrave Road, Whitby, for Felsted Aid for deprived children in the Ukraine, raised £1,006.66.

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Staithes - picture by Ross Parry

Letter: How Staithes bonnets should be tied

The photographs given to the Whitby Gazette for the Fish Fillet Feast event show a lady said to be wearing her traditional Staithes fisherwoman outfit and traditional Staithes bonnet.

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Whitby Pavilion

Letter: Breathtaking performance of Swan Lake

It is such a long time since Whitby Pavilion had a professional performance of a full length ballet and the visit of the Vienna Festival Ballet last week certainly put that right.

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