Whitby sea anglers' plight to feature in BBC show

THE PLIGHT of Whitby's sea angling community will feature in an episode of BBC1's Countryfile this Sunday.

Presenter Juliet Morris will be looking at the effect proposed European Union fishing quotas will have on the amateur sea angler.

An EU scheme aims to protect endangered species such as cod, ling and pollock.

And although it already sets tight quotas on commercial fishermen, it now wants to extend it to sea anglers because of the massive rise in recreational fishing which officials fear is harming stocks.

Paul Kilpatrick, a Whitby skipper who takes people out to sea on fishing trips in his boat, Sea Otter II, was interviewed by the presenter about his fears for the industry.

He said of the proposals: "It's absolutely ludicous.

"It will destroy the charter fishing industry in Whitby.

"It's terrible news really.

"We aren't commercial fishermen. We catch only a small amount of fish."

Mr Kilpatrick said he believes 3m goes into the Whitby's economy every year through angling.

"It's going to put a lot of people out of work," he added.

"It spells disaster for angling right across the country."

Mr Kilpatrick urged people to support their fight against the EU proposals by writing to their local MP or MEP.

The presenter also spoke to a local angler on the pier.

Countryfile will be broadcast on Sunday at 11am.