Bomb on beach turns out to be garden roller

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BOMB disposal experts examining a ‘suspicious’ device washed up on the beach discovered it was a lawn roller which had been thrown over the cliffs years ago.

A specially trained team had been dispatched to make closer enquiries into the object, reported to the Coastguard by a member of the public on Wednesday, because initial investigations were inconclusive.



They dragged it out of the sea on Thursday morning near the Upgang Ravine and have left it for the council to take away and dispose of.

Whitby Gazette reader David Stuart said he remembers it being lobbed over the cliffs and has seen it a few times before coming in with the tide.

He said: “I remember it being thrown over the cliffs years ago from the golf club at least three years ago.

“They used it a long time ago for running around the greens and it became redundant with all the modern equipment.



“I saw it about a week ago when it got washed up and I knew what it was because of the location.”

A Coastguard spokesman added: “We got a report from a member of the public that there was a suspicious object on the beach.

“The coastguard team went to have a look at it but could not say one way or the other but did suspect it was a garden roller.

“They took a photo and sent it to the bomb disposal people but because of the marine growth they could not confirm it was not something dangerous and had to come and investigate personally.

“Things like gas cylinders, central heating boilers people dump them in the sea. Once they have been in a while they wash up on the beach but there is no telling what they are so we get quite a lot of it.”