Sleights Show attracts crowds on sunny day

Sleights Show 2015
Sleights Show 2015
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A warm sunny day attracted a large crowd to the 134th village show held on Sleights village sports field.

Although entries were a little down on last year, most classes were well supported, and there was a wonderful display of handicrafts and mouth-watering cakes.

Sleights Show 2015

Sleights Show 2015

Entertainment was provided by The Royale Accordions and there were lots of stalls, a craft tent, display of classic cars and mini steam engines and a fun dog show.

The ladies in the pavilion were kept busy all afternoon serving teas and home-made cakes.

A lovely day enjoyed by everyone, and the show committee thank all the competitors, visitors and the many helpers who willing gave their time to ensure the show was a great success.


Sleights Show 2015

Sleights Show 2015

Section One

1 Gladioli D Flower, D Flower. 1 Geranium, D Flower, W Carr. 6 French Marigolds, V Thompson, H Barker, H Barker. 6 African Marigolds, D Flower, H Barker, H Barker. 1 Flowering Plant, D Flower, J H Powditch, J Dixon. 1 Foliage Plant, D Flower, W Hebdon. 1 Fuschia Plant, D Flower, D Flower. 1 Cactus or Succulent, D Flower, D Flower, D Bulman. 3 Dahlias, Decorative, D Flower, C Jobling, C Jobling. 3 Dahlias, Cactus, C Jobling, D Flower, B Agar. 3 Dahlias Pompon, D Flower, B Agar, D Flower. Sweet Peas, B Agar, B Agar, D Flower. 3 Roses, G Gibson, H Collinson, M Byrne.

1 Rose, D Flower, D Flower, H Barker. 6 Pansies or Violas, H Barker, D Flower, D Flower. 1 Bunch of Garden Flowers, V Thompson. 1 Flower& 1 Vegetable, B Agar, H Barker, D Flower. 1 Cabbage, T Gibson, C Oliver. 1 Lettuce, D Flower, W Carr, S Bulman.3 Turnips, S Bulman. 3 Beetroot, T Gibson, C Brown, W Carr. 3 Carrots, B Agar, B Agar, D Flower. 3 Onions sets, W Carr, W Carr, C Oliver. 3 Onions seeds, H Barker, T Gibson, D Flower. 5 White Potatoes, D Flower, R Perry. 5 Potatoes coloured, D Flower, D Flower, C Jobling. 6 Pods Peas, S Bulman, D Flower, W Carr. Runner Beans, T Gibson, R Coxon, C Jobling. Kidney Beans, W Hebdon, C Brown, C Brown. Broad Beans, T Gibson, T Gibson, W Carr. Cucumber, T Gibson, T Gibson, A Eddon. Tomatoes, R Perry, H Collinson, V Thompson. Cherry Tomatoes, H Collinson, W Carr, V Thompson.Eschallots C Jobling, W Carr, W Carr. Italian Straws, D Flower, C Jobling, D Flower. Courgettes, C Brown, C Brown, C Brown. Vegetables any, R Perry, D Flower, R Perry. Fruit any, D Tate, S Bulman, I Brown. Dessert Apples, I Brown, V Thompson, I Brown. Rhubarb, D Flower, A Eddon, J Lindley.Flower Arrangement in a Shell, P Perry.

Flower Arrangement in unusual container, H Collinson, V Thompson, P Perry.

Sleights Show 2015

Sleights Show 2015

Most Points 1-18 Derek Flower, Most Points 19-41 Ted Gibson, J Pearson Cup, Derek Flower.Stan Wilkinson Cup, G Gibson. Mary Walker Rose Bowl, Derek Flower. P Noble Trophy, H Collinson.

Section Two

Childrens Classes - Under 6, Picture, T Jones, Age 6 to 8, Decorated Wooden Spoon, H Dixon, T Upton Brown, H Dixon, Flower Arrangement, T Upton Brown, Decorated Rich Tea Biscuit, H Dixon, Henry Dixon, T Upton Brown. Craft Article, Holly Dixon, Leo Mortimer, T Upton Brown. Picture, H Dixon, F Stamp, G Stamp.Photograph, T Lindley, T Upton Brown, T Lindley. Age 9 to 11 Decorated Wooden Spoon, L Stack. Flower Arrangement, C Corbishley, A Jones. Shortbread, H Taylor, T Brown, T Brown. Poem, E Stack. Picture, E Stack, A Stack, E Stack. Photograph, M Edwards, L Scrimshaw, M Edwards. Collection wild fruit & seeds, L Stack. Age 12-15 Poem, H Robinson. Craft, C Robinson, C Robinson, H Leadley. Picture, C Robinson, C Robinson, C Everall. Photograph, H Leadley, H Lindley, C Robinson. M Gale Cup. C Corbishley. Francis Pearson Cup, C Robinson.

Special prize for most appealing picture - Holly Dixon.

Sleights Show 2015'Sack race

Sleights Show 2015'Sack race

Section Three

Chutney, S Bulman, J Hodgson, P Crusher. Jam strawberry or raspberry, H Dixon, H Barker, P Crusher. Jam any fruit, J Hodgson, P Perry, H Dixon. Marmalade, F Edward, H Dixon, H Collinson. Cheese Scones, H Dixon, J Hodgson, A Atkinson. Fruit Scones. H Dixon, W Hebdon. Chocolate Cake, Jo Atkinson, H Dixon, V Thompson. Victoria Sandwich Cake, H Robinson, A Atkinson, Jo Robinson. Ginger Biscuits, TBatty, J Hodgson, F Edwards. Fruit Loaf, N Brown, J Hodgson, H Collinson. Savoury Flan, H Barker, H Dixon, V Thompson. Bakewell Tart, Rod Hodgson, Mark Robinson, Geoff Robinson. Bread, H Dixon, J Hodgson, D Flower.

Dunwell Cup for most points Hazel Dixon.

Section Four

Knitted Toy, H Dixon, Hand Knitting, H Green, H Green, H Dixon. Knitted baby garment, B Tate, H Dixon. Stitchcraft, H Collinson, S Pinchon, L Kjelldahl. Cushion, P Lawn, L Kelldahl, C Robinson. Greetings Card, K Tadajewski, K Tadajewski, H Dixon. Hand Made Bag, H Collinson, C Cassanell, H Dixon. Any article not scheduled, W Harrison, D Bulman, L Dixon. Bookmark, H Dixon, C Cassanell, C Bentley. Painting or Drawing, C Scrimshaw, P Lawn, Y Pugh.

Stuart Cup for most points Hazel Dixon.

Sleights Show 2015

Sleights Show 2015

Section Five

Reflections, A Lindley, A Lindley, A Lindley. Local View, A Lindley, J Bruce, L Leadley. Buildings, J Dixon, H Nicholls, A Lindley. Sunset/Sunrise, A Lindley, R Hodgson, A Lindley. Macro, A Lindley, L Doyle, J Bruce. Portrait, A Lindley, H Barker, A Lindley. Natural World, A Lindley, A Lindley, A Lindley. Humorous, J Bruce, A Pitts, H Barker.

Most Points for Mallinson Trophy - A Lindley. J E Tate Cup, A Lindley

Sutcliffe Gallery Trophy for best in show - T Lindley.

Fun Dog Show - Best dog handling by child under 16 years - Angus Towner with Levi, Alyssa and Olivia Robinson with Merlin, Isabella Franks, Jacob Tayloa & Emily Franks with Honey. Best Veteran dog 7+, Cathy Frost with Bracken, Norma Freeman with Herbie, Amber Jackson with Max, Katie Parker with Minx. Musical Sit! Lizzie Corbishley with Bruce, Diane Bulman with Tanya, Lisa Jones with Lucy.